'Enlisted' Creator Kevin Biegel Talks Cancellation, Season 2 What-ifs

Jordin Althaus/FOX

May is the time when TV show cancellations are announced and this week has been especially busy. Many of the TV series not returning for another season have been declared over the past few days. Fans and those involved with the shows are grieving for their losses, while still trying to stay optimistic.

Kevin Biegel, creator of the recently canceled Fox show "Enlisted," is one of them.

"I'm still always positive to the bitter end," Biegel told ABC News.

To keep with his "positive" attitude, Biegel, others from the "Enlisted" gang and fans will be live-tweeting episodes of the show tonight. Something they have been doing the past few Fridays to encourage the fan community to stay a fan community.

On May 7, it was announced that the military-comedy would not be coming back for a second season, but there are still four unaired episodes of the freshman show, though when they will air remains unknown.

"People are going to be able to see the final four episodes of this season, we've been told they will air and we believe they will, and in the very least they will and then be on Hulu and the like to see," the show's creator said.

Although the show's finale has been filmed as a season finale and not as a series end, Biegel teases that it "culminates in a very satisfying way" for fans and really looks into how Sgt. Hill (played by Geoff Stults) has changed through the 13 episodes of the show.

"His emotional arc culminates in very satisfying way to all of us, and it's heavy but uplifting and real and honest," Biegel said. "And in the course of one season finale we get to sum up all the things we all loved about the show as well as providing the exact kind of finale to a season we all hoped the show could pull off. "

But, what does Biegel say would've happened on "Enlisted" if there was a season two?

1. "We'd love to meet the Hill's mother."

2. "We'd love to see Randy progress and maybe realize his potential as an amazing soldier"

3. "We'd love to see all the Hill brothers date and maybe find "the one" and maybe Sgt. Perez works into that equation and maybe she doesn't… we never really wanted to do a super traditional 'will they won't they' but we had a few fun ideas as to how to subvert that idea."

4. "We wanted to see CSM Cody deal more with his teenage daughter, and also maybe get back into active soldiering in a way he feels like he can't as, for lack of a better term, "boss."

5. "We wanted to see members of the platoon grow and maybe move on in unexpected ways.

6. "We wanted to expand the world of the base, and maybe see what happens when a lot of deployed soldiers suddenly come home."

Biegel isn't the only one wanting to meet the Hill's mother. Main cast member Chris Lowell, who played Derrick Hill, was looking forward to meeting her as well.

"I would really just love to meet our mom," Lowell told ABC News. "We always talk about how much we love our mother in season one. I'd love to meet that character in season two."

The 29-year-old actor said "so much of his [Derrick Hill's] attitude comes from this constant whining about how he doesn't even want to be in the army, he wants to do all of these other things" and he'd love to see his character explore life outside of the Army.

Lowell has gone through a few cancellations, with "Enlisted," "Veronica Mars" and "Life As We Know It," but he isn't bitter about it. He spoke with ABC News before the cancellation, but the odds were not looking in favor of a renewal at that point. Still, he shared that he knew the show itself wasn't really to blame.

"Unfortunately, a lot of times networks don't know how to program those shows because they are so different and unique and original," the actor said. "I think that's where they often suffer. I think that was the case with both 'Life As We Know It' and 'Veronica Mars' and 'Enlisted.' I think it's been really difficult for networks to know how to release them."

But, no matter how sad or upset fans get about "Enlisted" being canceled, creator Biegel doesn't want anyone to start writing strange fan-fiction about the show. Or does he?

"It's super creepy when someone writes fanfic that's super, super dirty," he said. "And even then, it's fun."

With televisions shows sometimes being picked up by other networks or by online sites, like Hulu and Netflix, a canceled show's future is never definite. The same goes for "Enlisted," according to Mike Royce, co-executive producer of the show.

"I think I can speak for Kevin and I when I say we'd certainly love to continue the show if the opportunity presented itself," Royce said.