4DX Brings Movie Action Right to Your Seat

Three-dimensional is now officially old hat. Say hello to 4DX.

It's the latest gimmick - after bars in theaters, on-site childcare and the drive-through in Texas that offers a pool - and it's designed to keep people coming to theaters during an age of declining ticket sales and so many other entertainment options.

On Thursday, the Regal LA Live in Los Angeles became one of the only theaters in the US that brings moviegoers this fourth dimension when it made "Transformers: Age of Extinction" available to viewers with 4DX.

Once confined to theme parks, 4DX first hit movie screens in 2009 in South Korea, where CJ 4DPlex, the company behind the technology, is located.

Andrey Rudakov/Bloomberg via Getty Images

With 4DX, the moviegoer is treated to wind, even temperature change, plus a vibrating chair as well as odors as they watch film.

But there are rules.

There is no eating or drinking during "intense scenes" and hot liquids are banned.