Prince Harry Says Royal Baby George Spitting Image of Churchill

Prince Harry said his nephew had the chubby cheeks of Winston Churchill. (SAEED KHAN/AFP/Getty Images | Capt. Horton/ IWM via Getty Images)

At 11 months old, Prince George already has the look of an iconic British leader, just not a royal one, according to his uncle.

During a visit to Chile, Prince Harry compared his nephew's appearance to British Prime Minister Winston Churchill's, according to The Telegraph.

The prince was speaking with Virginia Araya, a presenter for the Chilean national radio station Infinita, when she asked him about the famous royal baby.

"I asked him what George was like. He said: 'He's growing up, he is walking and he has big, chubby cheeks. He looks like a young Winston Churchill," she reportedly said to the Telegraph.

Prince Harry was in Santiago, Chile, at an official celebration for the queen's birthday.