David Hasselhoff Praises Justin Bieber After Shooting Video Together

David Hasselhoff called Justin Bieber a "cool guy" after the two teamed up for the singer's latest music video.

"We had a lot of fun, and he's a cool guy," Hasselhoff, 62, told People about working with the 20-year-old singer.

"You'll hear more about it," he said about the video, "but we're just keeping it quiet because it's really a cool video, and we had a blast."

Bieber confirmed the video shoot that reportedly features his duet with Cody Simpson.

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As for the recent troubles Bieber has found himself in, Hasselhoff told People, "We're all young once, but you know what? Live it up, baby! You'll pay the price later, but you're only young once. Live it up, and don't care what anybody says. Live it up!"

Spoken like the Hoff.