Kristen Stewart: 'It's a Really Ridiculous Thing to Say You're Not a Feminist'

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Kristen Stewart isn't afraid to call Hollywood sexist or admit she's a feminist.

"I read a million scripts and people say I choose my scripts carefully, but it's just so obvious when the role is different, and complex, and not some typical, archetypal girl, because they're so rare. Not to sound cliché, but it's a male-dominated and driven business," she told The Daily Beast .

Instead of feeling discouraged, the 24-year-old actress sees navigating sexism in Hollywood as a challenge.

"It's fun to be the underdog," she said.

"That's a thing that women have to do-you must persevere," she said about women filmmakers, including her original " Twilight" director Catherine Hardwicke. "That's what we've been doing."

Still, Stewart agreed that women filmmakers are given fewer chances than their male counterparts. "You need to make something that's undeniably good. If a woman makes a bad movie, or does something stupid, then the door just slams shut," she said.

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Unlike some of her famous peers, Stewart doesn't have a problem with labeling herself a feminist.

"That's such a strange thing to say, isn't it? Like, what do you mean? Do you not believe in equality for men and women?" she said about her peers who reject the label. "I think it's a response to overly-aggressive types. There are a lot of women who feel persecuted and go on about it, and I sometimes am like, 'Honestly, just relax, because now you're going in the other direction.' Sometimes, the loudest voice in the room isn't necessarily the one you should listen to. By our nature alone, think about what you're saying and say it-but don't scream in people's faces, because then you're discrediting us."

She went on to say about the younger generation of female actresses, "It's been easier for us, and because we don't have as much of the anger, so it's like we can't get behind it and it's a bit embarrassing."

But, she added, "That being said, it's a really ridiculous thing to say you're not a feminist."

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