Julianne Hough Spills Surprising Beauty Secret

Shape Magazine

As a dancer, actress and singer, Julianne Hough has to be on, but the way she powers up every morning may surprise you.

"I was raised in a religious family. I've done my own thing for the past few years, but recently I started praying again," the "Dancing With the Stars" judge, who was raised Mormon in her native Utah, told Shape magazine for its December issue. "I do it every day. I sit quietly-or actually get on my knees-and then say the things that I'm grateful for out loud. Today I'm grateful for this beautiful morning, for being healthy, and for having my dogs with me."

Part of her daily routine is making sure that she starts her day with eight hours of sleep.

"Recently I've started forcing myself to go to bed earlier, because if I don't get enough sleep, I'm miserable. I get cloudy, my eyes hurt, and I have to take a nap," the 26-year-old said. "But when I'm well-rested, I am rockin'! My favorite way to wake up in the morning is to cuddle with my dogs, Lexi and Haley, for 10 minutes."

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Shape Magazine

Next up, maintaining her killer body.

"Morning is my favorite time to exercise," Hough told Shape. "I'll either see my trainer Astrid [Swan McGuire] or hit a class at Tracy Anderson. I like to shock my body by doing different things. When I was on tour, even though I was dancing two hours a night, I felt I needed more, so I started doing dance moves with ankle or wrist weights on."

Breakfast is non-negotiable in her morning routine.

"I love making my own breakfast. My favorite dish is an egg-white omelet or a scramble with veggies like asparagus, mushrooms, spinach, and kale. Protein helps me begin my day in a healthy way. It carries me all the way through."

Before she heads out the door, Hough said she always tries to look her best.

"I'm actually a closeted hair and makeup artist and really enjoy doing it all myself," she revealed. "If I'm reading for a part, I'll transform myself into the character. I love the whole process and always tell my agents: 'Put me in the room-I'll audition for anything.' That's my motto."