Tori Spelling Describes Hitting 'Rock Bottom' in Her Troubled Marriage

The Dr. Oz Show

Tori Spelling has admittedly never handled stress well, but after her recent marital struggles, the reality star says she hit rock bottom, landing in the hospital for two weeks.

"I realize after being in the hospital for two weeks being away from my kids that that was my rock bottom, because they weren't even fazed by me being in the hospital. They're used to it. And I don't want them to grow up thinking mom's sick, so I need to change," Spelling told Monday's "Dr. Oz" show, where she appeared with her husband, Dean McDermott.

Spelling, 41, explained, "Anytime I would have emotional stress, for years, my whole life, I would just repress and keep going and keep going and no one knew, really. And it would just start coming out. I would be sick all the time, sinus, migraines, everything. I don't want to keep going on like that. I'm at that place where I don't like the way my kids see me. I don't like them seeing me as sick."

In order to change, the mother of four said, she is learning to put herself and her health first.

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"My problem is I put everyone before me," she told the show's host, Dr. Mehmet Oz. "And I think it really does go back to childhood, not feeling worthy enough that I should be allowed to be taking care of or I should have any worth to even eat, drink, you know, to get to me first. It's all about my kids, my husband, everyone."

Spelling's biggest worry lately has been about her husband, whose infidelity, drug and alcohol use and suicide scare have rocked their marriage.

"I have clinical depression and I want people to know that there's help out there," McDermott, 48, told Dr. Oz. "You're not alone and that's what I've learned through this whole process is I'm not alone with the alcoholism and the drugs and the depression. You can get help."

Meanwhile, both are working on rebuilding their marriage.

"I've asked him a lot," Spelling said. "I've asked him to listen to me, to take care of me, take care of the kids, step up in our family, and he really has. He's really working on himself and us."