Maggie vs Ruger: My Dog’s Better Than Your Dog!

Monday kicks off our dog versus dog competition with Maggie, the goldendoodle, pitted against Ruger, the Australian cattle pup. Only one can advance from the first round. Take a look at both their talents, then cast your vote.

Ruger is the pooch who loves to push his pal Rain around in everything from a car to a stroller. Will he scoot his way to stardom or will Maggie drive right past him?

She’s the 5-year-old Oklahoma goldendoodle who is content to let the John Deere do most of the work.  Maggie’s owner tells us she regularly cruises the cul-de-sac on the lawn mower. She learned the trick as a puppy — sitting in her owner’s lap — but she now prefers to drive solo.

Vote for which trick you think is better and Maggie or Ruger could be headed live to Times Square to show off on “GMA.” Use the “GMA” app on your smartphone or vote here: