Instant Index: A New Look at the Milky Way

Tonight's Instant Index:

From the unconventional and awe-inspiring to the hilarious and heartwarming, here's a look at some of the most interesting photos, videos and stories that have our newsroom talking today. What's capturing your attention, filling your inbox and cluttering your Facebook/Twitter feed? Comment below with the stories you're talking about, tweet them using #InstantIndex or email us at and they could appear on World News.

Google Maps Goes Off-Roading Google has gone to great lengths to map the world, from underwater excursions to mountain treks the company has used a variety of creative contraptions to capture images that make the world come alive. They have used cars, tricycles, trolleys, snowmobiles and now a backpack with 15 cameras. Google is using the 40-pound backpack for its newest challenge, mapping the Grand Canyon's most popular hiking trails.

Image credit: Rick Bowmer/AP Photo

Where We Live This image of the Milky Way was stitched together from thousands of photos taken by the European Southern Observatory's VISTA infrared survey telescope. The nine-gigapixel shot shows more than 84 million stars, 10 times more than previous images.

Image credit: European Southern Observatory

Captured! For more than three years the "Mystery Monkey of Tampa Bay" has been on the run, eluding wildlife officials and becoming famous in the process. The chase ended today when the wild rhesus macaque, who has its own Facebook page and has been featured in numerous television reports, was captured by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

Image credit: James Borchuck/Tampa Bay Times/Zuma Press

60 % of Young Americans Still Use Libraries It seemed to be a safe assumption that in the age of smartphones, tablets and e-readers young Americans would no longer have a need for the library, but according to a new study from the Pew Research Center that could not be further from the truth. The study finds that six in 10 Americans between the ages of 16 and 29 have visited their local public library in the last year.

It's a Girl…Car Honda is the only automaker currently selling a car made exclusively for women. The Honda Fit She's is available in Japan and has a starting price of $17,500. The car comes in pink as well as shades of brown and white, all with corresponding interiors. The car's designers said they were going for an " adult cute" look.

Image credit: Honda Motor Co.

Obama Gets Photobombed The Obama campaign tweeted this out as its " Photo of the day." Something tells us these cute kissing kids will soon be making cameos at other moments in history - we can see the memes now.

Credit: BarackObama/Twitter

Santa Quits Smoking Canadian publisher Pamela McColl has released a version of "Twas the Night Before Christmas" that does not include illustrations of Santa smoking or any references to his pipe. "I just really don't think Santa should be smoking in the 21st century," McColl told the Los Angeles Times.

Image credit: Bettmann/CORBIS