Instant Index: Coke Introduces Bottle Made Out of Ice

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Coke Introduces Bottle Made Out of Ice There's an intriguing idea coming to the classic American soft drink. Coca-Cola is introducing a bottle made entirely of ice. Although it is only available in Colombia for now, it makes ice cubes obsolete and, once you finish your drink, the ice melts. It's eco-friendly, though, critics point out, all that extra refrigeration to keep it from melting cancels out the green benefits.


Florida Kayaker Spooked by Alligators A woman was kayaking in the Florida Everglades through an area known for its wildlife when she found out why. "I'm stuck and there's two very large alligators out here and I can't, I can't kayak, I'm, I'm, I'm sinking," she is heard saying on recordings of her 9-1-1 call. "There's two really big alligators in here and I'm just sitting here now." The gators bit her boat and it sank, but a search-and-rescue team plucked her to safety before the gators could get her. She's uninjured but shaken up.

Teacher Wears the Same Outfit for 40 Years of Yearbook Photos Meet Dale Irby, a Dallas teacher with a cringe-worthy vault of yearbook photos. In 1973, Irby pulled a polyester shirt and wool sweater out of his closet. The next year, he accidently chose the same outfit. The third year, as a joke, his wife dared him to wear it again. He did and kept doing it 40 years. He retires this year and the local paper called this year's photo "one last echo of disco fashion." For the record, back in 1973, his outfit was in fashion.