Instant Index: Scientists Working to Discover the Real Mona Lisa

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Joy Behar Leaves 'The View' It was a fond farewell to Joy Behar at the table on "The View" today. The 70-year-old talk show host signed off after 16 seasons. Regis Philbin and Tony Bennett were among the friends who came to see her off. She even got a kiss from Barbara Walters, who reminisced about meeting the funny lady and knowing Behar deserved a seat at the table.

Scientists Work to Discover the Real Mona Lisa Scientists are doing something new to finally answer the question: Who inspired the "Mona Lisa"? They have opened up ancient tombs in Florence, Italy. and are doing DNA tests on the remains of who they believe is Lisa del Giocondo. She was the wife of a silk merchant and lived across the street from artist Leonardo da Vinci. If there is a match, they will reconstruct her face based on the skull and the world will see once and for all the real Mona Lisa and her smile.

(De Agostini/Getty Images)

Possible UFO Sighting in Florida UFO experts are studying a surveillance video from Naples, Fla., that shows what looks like a web-shaped saucer hovering above a pool. It dips in and out of the water with a strange glow. A security guard watched it happen but she says it was too far away. Experts who have taken a preliminary look say it's no hoax.