Instant Index: Coca-Cola to Release Ad Defending Diet Sodas

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Siblings Decrease Divorce Chances Did you know the chances of staying married go up with the more siblings you have? A new study says that every sibling you have decreases the odds of divorcing by 2 percent. That's because the more brothers and sisters you have, the more conflicts you resolve and the more negotiating you do. So you can pat yourself on the back for staying married but make sure to thank your brothers and sisters, too.

Mom and Baby Panda Reunited at Taiwan Zoo There was an emotional reunion between mother and child at a zoo in Taiwan. Yuan Yuan hadn't seen her baby since giving birth a month ago. Zookeepers kept vigil over the fragile cub because they were not sure what kind of mother Yuan Yuan would be. When the cage door was lifted, she circled at first then swept the baby up in her arms and held tight. Now mom and baby will be regularly together.

Coca-Cola to Release Ad Defending Diet Sodas Coca-Cola will publish its first ad Wednesday defending diet sodas, specifically those containing sugar substitutes like aspartame. Sales of diet sodas have been plummeting as people turn to flavored water. The company is on a campaign to reassure people that the artificial sweeteners are safe.

(Scott Olson/Getty Images)