Instant Index: Stephen Colbert Makes Cameo in New 'Hobbit' Film

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Stephen Colbert Makes Cameo in New 'Hobbit' Film There's a surprising cameo in the new "Hobbit" film. Amid all the dwarves, elves and trolls, there's Stephen Colbert. The Comedy Central talk show host plays a spy in one brief scene. Director Peter Jackson, who has devoted his life to the series, says Colbert is the biggest Hobbit geek he's ever met.


Local Reporter Faints, Continues Interview Salt Lake City reporter Brooke Graham doesn't miss a beat. She was doing a live TV report about cross-country skiing when she fainted and fell flat on her back. After a moment, she bobbed right back up and went on with the interview, finishing it while sitting in the snow.

The Times Square Ball Tweets If you can't watch the Times Square ball drop on TV tonight, you can at least follow it on Twitter. The account @timessquareball has been tweeting since 2010 and has more than 12,000 followers.