Instant Index: Groupon Presidents Day Gaffe Becomes Viral Hit

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Groupon Presidents Day Gaffe Becomes Viral Hit Online coupon site Groupon offered a $10 discount for Presidents Day to honor Alexander Hamiltion saying, "The 10 dollar bill features President Alexander Hamilton, undeniably one of our greatest presidents." The only problem is Hamilton was the nation's first treasury secretary, never president. Groupon won't say whether it was a joke or an honest mistake, only that it's serious about helping customers save money.

(Credit: Paul J RIchards/AFP/Getty Images)

Supreme Court Weighs I n on Deep Dish Pizza Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia is weighing in on the debate over deep dish pizza. "It shouldn't be called pizza. It's very tasty but not pizza," he said. In the past he has defined pizza as thin and crispy and called deep dish a kind of "tomato pie." Scalia made the comments in Chicago.