3 Teens Arrested in Botched Beer Burglary

ABC News’ Sarah Hoberman reports:

Three 19-year-olds are behind bars after a botched beer burglary in Covina, Calif.

After allegedly stealing a 30-pack of Tecate beer from Baja Ranch Market, their getaway plan was foiled as the driver hit a market employee and collided into a Del Taco restaurant, while another suspect ran into a nearby car wash, getting drenched before being detained by police.

A spokesman for the Covina Police Department said they encounter beer runs by teenagers all too frequently, but the details of this particular incident made it a “unique occurrence.”

Nicholas Kalscheuer and Nicholas Fiumetto apparently entered the Baja Ranch Market at 3 p.m. on Wednesday as Andy Huynh waited in a getaway car outside, police said.

The Covina Police Department provided images of Nicholas Kalscheuer, Nicholas Fiumetto and Andy Huynh, who were arrested, Sept. 21, 2011, on charges of robbery, assault with a deadly weapon and resisting arrest. (Covina Police Dept./AP Photo)

“Inside the store, there was a discussion as to which beer they wanted and store employees caught on to what these individuals were doing,” Sgt. Ray Marquez said.

Baja Ranch Market employee Janine Castaneda called the police once she saw the commotion the men were causing, according to authorities.

“They were trying to play it off, but once an employee asked what they were doing, they started booking it out the door,” Castaneda said.

Fiumetto ran outside, threw the beer into the car and raced into the passenger seat, police said. An employee jumped on the hood of the car while others rushed to detain Kalscheuer before he could escape. Huynh then crashed into the Del Taco and both passengers exited the vehicle.

Huynh fled the scene, but forgot his wallet in the car, the Los Angeles Times reported, tipping off the police to his identity.

Fiumetto evidently escaped to the nearby Citrus Car Wash, rushing into the wash tunnel where he was soaked with suds, police said. Police were waiting for him on the other side, and arrested him.

The men are being charged with robbery, assault with a deadly weapon (the vehicle) and resisting arrest.

The trio is under investigation for a successful beer robbery at a Rite Aid store before the incident at the Baja Ranch Market.

“[The incident] speaks for itself,” Marquez said. “Something they thought would be easy obviously turned out to be more than they expected.”