Murder Suspect Does Interview Hours Before Arrest

A gutsy murder suspect in Oklahoma made a bold move when he returned to the crime scene and gave an interview to ABC’s Tulsa affiliate KTUL-TV, just an hour after two bodies were discovered.

A KTUL reporter was in the Tulsa park Monday where two people had been robbed and murdered execution-style the night before, when a man eager to be on camera approached and spoke about what happened.

“I think it’s real crazy. I bring my kids out here to play,” Darren Price, 19, told the reporter. “Got to raise the question, is it safe to even walk around this town with people just dying and stuff? It’s not cool.”

Price smiled and even tried to grab the microphone at one point.

“It don’t make me feel real easy and I stay close by here,” he said.

About four hours later, Price was arrested in connection with the killing of Ethan Nichols and Carissa Horton in the same park. Police say Price and Jirao Davis, 21, allegedly ambushed and robbed the couple on Sunday night before forcing them to their knees and shooting them execution-style.

The two fled from the scene but returned two hours later to take Nichols’ car, police say.

On Monday morning, a couple walking their dog discovered the bodies and called the police. Nichols’ family reported him missing to the police at around the same time and gave them his vehicle information. Investigators found the car and spent several hours watching it until Price arrived and got in.

After a short chase, authorities arrested Price and say he later confessed to the crime. Davis was also tracked down and arrested. Both are being held without bond and facing charges for murder and robbery.