Yahtzee Attack: Fla. Man Allegedly Chokes Wife During Game

(Courtesy of Collier County Sheriff's Department)

A game of Yahtzee took a dark turn when a Florida man allegedly choked his wife while she was trying to play the game with him.

Ian Stuart Wood, 50, of Naples, Fla. was arrested by Collier County Sheriff’s deputies at his home after a 911 call from his wife Michelle Wood, 41, at around 10:30 p.m.

Wood’s wife told officers that an argument erupted while she was trying to play Yahtzee with her husband on Saturday night. He told authorities that she wanted to go out and he did not want her to leave.  When she tried to leave the house to calm down, her husband allegedly attacked her.

She told authorities that her husband pushed her to the ground, covered her mouth with his hand and rammed his knee into her back while cursing and telling her to stop screaming. He allegedly then turned her over and choked her with his hands around her neck until she could no longer breathe, according to the police report.

“Michelle stated she could not breathe and he could have killed her,” wrote Officer Jason Miller in the police report. ”

Ian Wood allegedly took her phone and hid it. When she attempted to leave, he shoved her to the ground. Eventually, she was able to escape to a neighbor’s house and call the police.

When authorities arrived, Ian Wood would not answer the door so Michelle Wood gave the deputies permission to enter the house. They observed broken dishes, food and glass on the floor and found the husband lying on his bed, surrounded by overturned furniture and beer cans.

Miller described Ian Wood as “intoxicated, argumentative and belligerent” in his police report. Ian Wood told the deputies that he had not hit his wife and that she had fallen down while walking because she was a “pill popper.”

Michelle  Wood told authorities she had consumed one mixed drink with her husband. Officers said they observed scratches on the husband’s shoulder that appeared to be from his wife defending herself. She had abrasions to her elbow and a scratch above her lip.

Ian Wood’s belligerent behavior did not stop once he was under arrest. “Ian began tensing, bracing, pushing, and pulling while I was attempting to handcuff [him],” wrote Miller. “Ian went limp while getting into my patrol vehicle. I picked Ian up. Ian then lunged forward banging his head more than once against the side of my patrol vehicle.”

Miller wrote that this behavior continued “all the way to jail.”

Ian Wood has been charged with domestic battery by strangulation, false imprisonment of an adult, resisting a law enforcement officer and obstructing someone from calling 911.