Amanda Knox Shared One Last Moment With Former Boyfriend Before Going Free

Amanda Knox, center, shared a final moment with her former boyfriend, not pictured, before going free, according to her father, Curt Knox, also not pictured above.

ABC News’ Nikki Battiste and Lauren Effron report:

Soon after Amanda Knox and her former boyfriend and co-defendant, Raffaele Sollecito, learned they were acquitted of murder charges in an Italian court, the two shared one final moment together before they went free.

In his first sit-down interview since the verdict, Amanda Knox’s father, Curt Knox, revealed to ABC News never-before-heard details about his daughter’s days in prison, including when she saw Sollecito.

“The only time they really got to talk was after the verdict, when they were getting ready to be whisked away in the cars,” Curt Knox said. “They actually went back to the prison in the same car. They hold something in common that very, very few people have ever had to deal with.”

He confirmed that the Sollecitos had been invited to visit the Knox family at their home in Seattle.

“An offer was extended to the Sollecito family to come to Seattle,” he said, “and whether they take us up on that or not is really too early to tell, because  I know that Rafealle is experiencing the same thing that Amanda’s experiencing, and wanting to reconnect with people and try to get back to normal life.”

Curt Knox discussed how his daughter has been readjusting to life back in the United States. He said Amanda Knox, out of habit, occasionally slips back into Italian, a language she became fluent in during her four years in Capanne prison outside of Perugia while she battled charges that she murdered her roommate.

His daughter has also been experiencing a kind of Rip van Winkle wonderment over the pop culture references she had missed while in prison, where there were no electronics. Teen heartthrob Justin Bieber was just one of the now iconic things Knox had never heard of. She had never held an iPad or used Twitter.

“Somebody put out a phony tweet trying to say it was her and I don’t think Twitter even existed when she was arrested,” Curt Knox said. “So it was just totally fake, but it’s those kinds of things that you know times have changed.”