Aruba Holds Gary Giordano 30 More Days in Robyn Gardner Disappearance

Gary V. Giordano, the US citizen being held in the disappearance of Robyn Gardner, covers his head while being led to jail from a police station in San Nicolas, Aruba, Aug. 15, 2011. (Pedro Famous Diaz/AP Photo)

An Aruban judge ordered an American, Gary Giordano, held 30 more days in prison as prosecutors investigate the disappearance of a Maryland woman, Robyn Gardner.

Gardner, 35, disappeared in August while allegedly snorkeling with Giordano, a man she had met on a dating website. Giordano has been held in jail for nearly three months as prosecutors investigate his claim that Gardner drowned at sea while the pair snorkeled one evening.

Giordano has not been formally charged with a crime. A representative for the prosecutor’s office said that investigators have done extensive research during the past 60 days, including a search of the island with cadaver dogs. They have not released the results of that search or other research that has been done.

Police have released video footage of Giordano and Gardner at a restaurant shortly before the alleged drowning, showing Giordano walking to and from his rental car to refill beverages for the pair while they dined. Employees of the restaurant said Gardner appeared intoxicated and barely ate her salad.

Video footage from a few hours later shows Giordano back at the restaurant, without Gardner, knocking on windows and doors, though the restaurant is closed.

Police have not charged Giordano with any crime. He will have another hearing for his release in 30 days.