FAA Investigating If Skydiving Sex Stunt Distracted Pilot

Federal Aviation Administration officials are investigating  a videotaped sex stunt performed by two skydivers in California. The FAA is concerned that the pre-jump sex may have created an unsafe situation by bumping or otherwise distracting the pilot.

Skydiving instructor Alex Torres, who moonlights in pornographic films, and a woman reportedly had sex in a plane while listening to a Katy Perry song before jumping out of the plane in tandem and continuing the act in the air.

Alex Torres

FAA spokesman Ian McGregor says that they are investigating “whether the activity could have distracted the pilot or resulted in the pilot being jostled and bumped.”

McGregor wouldn’t speculate on the outcome of the case.

“Every case is different and it would be inappropriate for me to comment on any possible outcome in this situation,” he said.

Torres has been fired from his job at Skydive Taft in Kern County, Calif., the Associated Press reported. His partner in the stunt, identified as Hope Howell, is a receptionist at the company.

The owner of the skydiving company, David Chrouch, told KGET TV that Torres did the stunt to gain Howard Stern’s attention.