Steve Jobs Leaves Fashion Legacy Too


Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

A technological revolution that changed the world is not the only legacy Apple co-founder Steve Jobs is leaving behind.

The man who brought the world the Mac computer, iPod, iPhone and iPad, is also leaving a fashion legacy, with sales of his signature black mock turtleneck spiking in the days since his death from cancer on Wednesday at age 56.

St. Croix Collections, the luxury retailer that makes the turtleneck favored by Jobs, reported sales for the item doubled the day after Jobs’ death, causing some of its 11 retail stores to run out of the product.

This despite the fact that the turtlenecks don’t come cheap, priced at $175 each, about the same price as an iPod or a few iPod shuffles.

“We have a great respect for everything he did and we’re glad he believed in our American-made product,” the Minnesota-based company said in a statement.

A spot among fashion’s trendsetters would likely come as a surprise to a techie who famously wore a uniform of the black mock turtleneck paired with blue jeans nearly every day of his life.

Jobs wore the ensemble at product unveilings and other public appearances and had not been seen publicly in any other outfit for more than a decade.

The simple, clean lines seen in his wardrobe reflected the same simplicity and monochromatic look that became a hallmark of the Apple products whose design Jobs so fastidiously oversaw.

Bernhard Brenner, founder of the Knitcraft Corp., which owns St. Croix, told the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal that Jobs bought about two dozen black turtlenecks every year. Jobs would also personally call Brenner from time-to-time to say how much he liked the sweater.

The company also announced plans it would honor the man who put them on the map by donating proceeds from the sales of the turtleneck to the American Cancer Society in Jobs’ honor.