YueYue, Chinese Toddler Run Over in Street and Ignored, Dies

(TVS via APTN/AP Photo)

ABC News’ Michael S. James, Karson Yiu and Kevin Dolak report:

A bloodied toddler ignored by many passers-by in southern China after she was run over in the street by two vans has died, according to reports.

Eighteen pedestrians and cyclists passed right by 2-year-old Wang Yue, nicknamed “YueYue,” on Oct. 13 before one woman finally stopped to pull the toddler aside on the narrow market street in Foshan, Guangdong province, and call for help.

YueYue’s death early Friday at Guangzhou Military District General Hospital was reported by Chinese media and confirmed by The Associated Press. A cause of death was not initially announced.

The case, fueled by a security camera video of the incident, sparked soul-searching in China over whether the nation’s morals declined as the country chased economic growth.

China’s version of Twitter, Sina Weibo, has created and organized all the comments under the hash tag “Please end the cold-heartedness.”

YueYue’s mother has praised the woman, Chen Xianmei, 57, who pulled aside her gravely injured daughter and called for help.

“I don’t have enough words to thank her with,” the mother, who would identify herself only as Qu, said at the hospital on Monday, according to China Daily.

 However, many in China have said that Chen did the good deed seeking publicity. Since the incident she has received numerous interview requests, and it was reported that the civilization office of Foshan’s Nanhai district presented 10,000 yuan ($1,570) to Chen on Monday.

Chen told Chinese media she was just trying to help.

“I was picking up trash in the hardware market when I saw a child lying in the road,” Chen told China Daily. “I walked up in a hurry to the girl and heard her groan. I lifted her up and saw that one of her eyes was closed, that she had tears in her eyes, and she was bleeding from her mouth, nose and the back of her head.”