Kidnapped Dog Jagger Found Dumped Dead by Railroad Tracks


The alleged dognappers of the chubby English bulldog, Jagger, who went missing last month, are now in police custody after the dog’s remains were found dumped on the side of a road and railroad tracks in South Kelso, Wash.

Police have arrested two male suspects after multiple tips lead them to the men, Jesse James Clark and Johnny Lee Jordan, according to a news release from Cowlitz County Sheriff’s Office.

According to the news release, “Clark is being charged with possession of stolen property 2nd degree and giving false and misleading statements to a law enforcement officer.  Jordan is being charged with possession of stolen property 2nd degree and extortion in the 2nd degree.”

Jagger’s owner, Jennifer Thomas of Woodland, Wash., said her pet was dognapped on Oct. 4 and the captors demanded a $1,000 ransom and her prescription pain pills. Thomas, who is confined to a wheelchair because one of her legs is paralyzed, said they also demanded that no police be involved.

Thomas began receiving threatening text messages.

“The first one was, ‘I’m the call you have been waiting for, do exactly as I say and your dog won’t be hurt,’” Thomas said.

The phone number used to send these menacing messages is used by Jordan.

Thomas texted back trying to get more information and comply with the demands.

The text messages escalated, culminating with one claiming, “I’m not playing a game here, we are doing it my way not your way… If you don’t do exactly as you’re told the next few messages will be of your friend slowly getting tortured to death.”

On Oct. 24, the Cowlitz County Sheriff’s Office received a call from a local citizen reporting a dead dog’s body lying by railroad tracks.

According to the sheriff’s office, “The Thomas’ were contacted and confirmed the recovered dog was Jagger.  After examination, it is believed that the dog was killed and placed on the tracks, after which it was struck by a passing train.”

Thomas feels like she’s lost a family member.

A few days after the tip about the body, other witnesses contacted the sheriff’s office claiming they saw Jagger at Clark’s home. The sheriff’s office then obtained a warrant and searched the house and Clark’s car. Officers arrested him on Nov. 1.

Clark provided information leading to Jordan’s arrest.

Thomas suspected Jordan was involved after he showed up at her house with his girlfriend the day Jagger went missing. The couple had come to pick up baby supplies that Thomas had purchased as a gift for the couple after meeting them at a neighbor’s home. 

Jagger was last seen in Thomas’ driveway, where Jordan was waiting for his girlfriend while she was inside the Thomas home.

The sheriff’s office said the case may not be closed.

“The investigation is continuing as deputies await the results from the crime lab,” the sheriff’s office said in a statement. “There remains the possibility of additional arrests and additional charges for those arrested.”