Mich. Residents Receive Letter Calling Christmas Lights ‘Pagan’

Homeowners in Hudsonville, Mich., have been singled out for displaying what an anonymous letter-writer calls "pagan" lights and decorations on their properties.

On Wednesday night, residents of Vintage Drive found a letter attached to their mailboxes suggesting that anyone with Christmas lights or decorations should re-think their beliefs, because Christmas displays honor the "Pagan Sun-God" and do not pertain to the birth of Jesus, according to ABC News affiliate WZZM.

The letters start out on a friendly note, with "Hi Neighbor, you have a nice display of lights." But the self-described "love note" quickly changes tone, explaining how the "pagan tradition" of putting up lights began.

"I laughed because I think it's ridiculous that people would get upset over Christmas lights," said Danette Hoekman, who received the letter.

Besides speaking against holiday lights, the note claimed that the use of mistletoe, wreaths and yule-logs were in no way representative of Christmas.

Those who received the letters said they do not know who wrote them.

"It's a sin to judge other people and to tell people that if they have Christmas lights they are pagans. We're not pagans, we go to church regularly, my kids go to the Christian school," Hoekman said. "I think next year we should put on a huge display!"

ABC News affiliate WZZM contributed to this report.