Sex University Promises ‘Hands On’ Education

A former erotic television show host and artist has opened a sex university in Austria that promises to give students a “hands-on education”.

Five teachers from varying backgrounds and 70 students will saddle up at the Austrian International School of Sex’s campus in January for classes such as “Sexual Techniques” and “Advanced Intercourse”.

“You have trained your mind, your muscles, your fitness, but how much have you spent developing your skills at what really matters …  love?” the school’s website asks.

Melodi Kirsch, a spokesperson for the school, told it was having trouble taming the insatiable demand of prospective students and teachers and even had to turn some away.

“We get emails from 50 people a day who want to teach sex,” said  Kirsch, who refused to disclose the school’s location so as not to attract media attention. “They just want to share their knowledge and share the love and not be Uncle Scrooge.”

While there is a significant age gap between the students, who Kirsch said skewed on one end of the spectrum or the other, she did say the majority of pupils are male.

“Maybe young guys feel insecure,” she said.

An annex-style dormitory that can house 20 students will provide plenty of opportunities for students to practice what they’ve learned.

And yes, Kirsch said there will be homework.

“We need bodies to experience the feelings that come from love and sex,” she said.

The school said it plans to expand in the future to accommodate the public’s desire.