Thieves Arrested After Pocket-Dialing 911

Two thieves who couldn't stop bragging about their loot of video games and DVDs from a Target store were surprised to find that someone was listening in on their conversation- a 911 operator.

According to police in Madison, Wisc., one of the shoplifters accidentally pocket-dialed 911 following the Dec. 13 heist, discussing how smoothly the operation went and deriding other thieves for getting caught.

The men, in their late 20s, allegedly stole the goods and then began discussing their plans to resell the games and movies for a profit to a local video game store. Their conversation was recorded for an hour by the 911 oeprator, who at first was befuddled by the conversation before catching on.

Police-clued in by the 911 dispatcher- beat the thieves to the video game store and awaited their arrival with guns drawn.