Where is Kelli Cribbs Abad? Missing Mother Disappears from U.S. Air Base in Japan

An international search is underway for Kelli Cribbs Abad, an American mother of two from Georgia who disappeared from a U.S. Air Force base more than a month ago.

Abad, who is stationed at the Kadena Air Base near Okinawa with her Air Force husband and children, was last seen leaving the gate of the base on Oct 26. Investigators found her abandoned sport utility vehicle about 10 miles from the base. 

Abad has two young children - a 4-year-old daughter and a 22-month-old son - and has been living in Okinawa with her husband for three years. U.S. and Japanese authorities have searched the area by land, air and sea with divers, helicopters and boats. They've also searched nearby caves and cliffs, but haven't found a trace of the young mother in the rugged terrain.

Abad's mother Janice Cribbs flew to Japan from Georgia to help in the search. She recorded a desperate appeal for her daughter's safe return, holding a flyer with a tip line, and posted the video online. She's also set up a Facebook page, hoping for clues or suggestions.

"Folks we, we miss her, and her kids need her, and we just appeal to you, any information you might have, how small you may think, would you please contact us at the numbers on this flyer," Cribbs said in the video.

Friends of Abad, who are stateside, can't believe she would leave her children.  Melissa Banks was stationed with her husband at the same base and knew the Abads.

"She's a very good mother," Banks said. "I remember giving her maternity clothes before she was even pregnant. She wanted another child that badly. So I don't think she would have left her children because she was just a wonderful mother."

Abad is 5'7? with sandy blonde hair, and her face has appeared on missing person flyers attached to poles and bus stops across the military base and at Japanese police stations.