Adam Baker Deported with Daughter Zahra's Remains

Adam Baker, father of Zahra Baker, looks on at a Catawba County courtroom in Newton, N.C. in this Sept. 15, 2011 file photo. (Chuck Burton/AP Photo)

Adam Baker, the father of slain North Carolina 10-year-old Zahra Baker, has been deported to Australia, and has taken the girl's remains with him, Baker's attorneys said today.

Zahra Baker was gruesomely killed in October 2010 by Adam's wife and the girl's stepmother, Elisa Baker. Adam Baker, 33, had met the woman online and moved from Australia to be with her, taking Zahra with him. Zahra's mother, Emily Deitrich, had given Adam custody because of postpartum depression.

Zahra Baker's short, heartbreaking life was documented in her medical and police reports. She lost a leg and part of her hearing during two bouts with bone cancer. Her life with her stepmother was marked by abuse, frequent bruises, and being locked for hours each day in a room, witnesses told police and ABC News.

When she was killed, her disappearance wasn't reported for weeks and police eventually determined that she had been murdered and her body dismembered. Police found her prosthetic leg and parts of her body, but her head was never located.

Adam Baker was never arrested or named a person of interest in the murder of his daughter.

According to Adam Baker's attorneys, Zahra's remains will be buried in a family plot in Australia, ABC affiliate WSOC reported.

Baker's attorney, Shell Pearce, told the Charlotte Observer that his client left the country quietly about two weeks ago, after receiving a suspended sentence for misdemeanor crimes in Cawtawba County. Charges against Baker in Caldwell County remain pending, though Pearce said Monday he did not believe Baker would be brought back to the U.S. for those hearings, according to WSOC.

In 2011, authorities revealed that Baker was in the country illegally and U.S. officials were arranging for his deportation.

Following Elisa's arrest, police discovered that she had been married to someone else while married to Baker. He said at the time of the trial that he found out he was Elisa's seventh husband, and that she had a pattern of manipulation and abuse.