7-Year-Old Girl Saves Diabetic Father From Car Crash

A 7-year-old California girl who saved both her sister and father's lives by reaching into her dad's pocket to grab his cell phone and call 911 as he went into diabetic shock while driving says she thought her life was over at that moment.

"I was scared and I didn't know," the girl, Natalie, ABC News  affiliate KABC. "I thought my life would end."

Natalie was riding with her 5-year-old sister, Lauren, in the backseat of their father's car Monday in Dana Point, Calif., on their way home from playing miniature golf.

When their father started acting strangely behind the wheel, Natalie started asking questions.

"First, I told [asked] him if he was all right, but he didn't answer me," Natalie told KABC.

Knowing what could happen with her father's illness, the 7-year-old jumped into action.

"I had to unbuckle and I had to get on top of him to reach his phone and called 911," Natalie said.

Dispatcher Myra Langdon, a 14-year-veteran in the field, was on the other end of Natalie's frantic call.

"You have a 7-year-old girl in the car, she's crying, she knows there's something wrong with her father, she doesn't know where she's at and the car is moving," Langdon said to KABC.

Also calling into 911 was another driver to report a man driving erratically along the freeway.

Langdon stayed on the line with Natalie as the young girl called out what she saw in order  to give police a sense of where they were. The car finally came to a stop at an intersection.

Despite continuing to drive while still in shock, the father managed to not crash the car and no one was hurt.

"I was holding her arm," Natalie's younger sister, Lauren, said. "I was trying to keep her calm, I was telling her everything would be OK, try to be brave, pray to God."