Finnish President's Husband Caught Eyeing Danish Princess' Breasts?

What does a man do when caught red-eyed staring at a woman's cleavage?  And what does a man do when that woman is not his wife, the president of a nation, but the wife of a prince?  And how does a man respond when his indecent exposure is caught-on-camera and broadcast to the world?

Those are all questions now facing Pentti Arajarvi, the "first gentleman" of Finland, married to Finnish president Tarja Halonen.

Arajarvi, 63, was seated next to Princess Mary of Denmark, wife of the Crown Prince of Denmark, at a dinner he attended in Copenhagen with his wife last month.

At some point during the dinner, Arajarvi became more enthralled with his 23-years-his-junior seatmate than the meal or the program itself, and began to stare at the princess's chest.

Arajarvi's fixed gaze was not only busted by the princess in an awkward moment, his ogling was also caught on camera, the footage of which was released to the world by The Sun newspaper this week.

The video shows Arajarvi abruptly lifting his gaze at the moment the princess spots his eyes and adjusts her dress.

To make matters worse, the dinner the two were attending was hosted by Princess Mary's mother-in-law, the queen of Denmark.

Though local media reaction to Arajarvi's has been unforgiving, the Sun gives him one possible out, writing, "In his defense, he may have simply been admiring Princess Mary's necklace."

Arajarvi's wife, Halonen, is the first female to hold office of president in Finland.