Israeli Madonna Fans: No Iran War Before Concert

TEL AVIV-You can't turn on the TV or open a newspaper in Israel these days without seeing the latest speculation about a possible war with Iran, the most recent a cagey comment by a top Israeli official. The debate is raging over whether Israel should strike to prevent a nuclear-armed Iran: are they working towards a bomb? Would a strike stop it? Would it start a regional war?

But for one group of Israelis, the question is: Will it happen before Madonna's concert at the end of May?

They're hoping not. In fact, they're pleading with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

"Bibi don't start a war with Iran until after Madonna's show on May 29," is the name of a new Facebook page started by artist Kobi Zvili.

"War of any kind is bad, we call on leaders, prime minister Netanyahu and [Defense Minister Ehud] Barak, to avoid any attack of any kind against Iran or whatever, at least until Madonna's tour visit in Israel," Zvili writes.

"God save the queen!" he adds, presumably referring to Madonna.

With just over 350 likes and only posts from Zvili, the page hasn't exactly gone viral. But it highlights the omnipresent specter of war hanging over life here.

Tel Aviv is the first stop on Madonna's world tour, her first since 2009. The artist is probably the most famous follower of the Jewish mystical school of thought Kaballah.

Despite the seriousness of a strike, the Facebook page is light-hearted throughout.

"We are pro peace," it reads. "We love Madonna, and it's just our humorous way of dealing with not so humorous life in the middle east."