Kentucky Woman Who Killed Mother, Cut Baby From Womb Pleads Guilty

                                       (Photo Credit: Miranda Pederson/The Daily News/AP Photo)

A Kentucky woman faces life without parole after pleading guilty but mentally ill today to killing a young expectant mother and cutting the baby from her womb.

Kathy Coy sobbed before a judge in Bowling Green, Ky., and pleaded guilty to kidnapping and the murder of Jamie Stice, 21.

Coy confessed to befriending Stice on Facebook, telling the mother-to-be she too was expecting and promised to help put her in touch with a company that could provide free diapers and baby clothes.

Instead, Coy lured Stice into a rural wooded area, attacked her with a stun gun, slit her throat and wrists and cut the baby from her uterus last year. Coy later confessed to police and led them to Stice's body.

"[Coy] advised that she stunned her, her throat was slit, her wrists were slit, she was disemboweled," Police Det. Chad Winn testified in a hearing in April. "The baby was obviously cut out of her."

Stice's remains were discovered on April 14 in wooded area in southern Kentucky, one day after she was last seen with Coy outside her Morgantown home.

Coy had appeared earlier that same day and was arrested at a Bowling Green hospital, carrying a newborn baby but displaying no signs of having given birth.

The boy,  named Isaiah Allen Stice Reynolds, survived the ordeal, Stice's mother, Jeanine Stice, told the Associated Press. "He looks a whole lot like Jamie when she was a baby,"  she said.

The baby lives with his father, but regularly sees Stice's family.

Coy copped a plea to avoid the death penalty. Prosecutors believe she initially tried to rope her 14-year-old daughter into helping with the murder, following a miscarriage.

The Associated Press contributed to this story.