Mars Cutting King-Size Candy

Image Credit: Amazon

Hungry? Starting in 2013 you'll have to grab a slightly smaller Snickers.

Mars Inc., which makes M&Ms, Twix, Milky Way and many other notable candies, told Reuters that by the end of next year it will not sell any chocolate products that have more than 250 calories.

That means the more-than-500-calorie  "king size" Snickers bar will become extinct, along with  other "king size" goodies.

Mars told NPR the company planned  to replace "king size" candy with bags of two and four smaller bars. According to NPR, the company said it wants to "enable sharing or saving a portion for later."

"As you taste something, you start being more tempted," said Dan Ariely, professor of behavioral economics at Duke University. "So the first bite of chocolate is very satisfying, but it creates a really strong craving for the second bite. So if you have four of those little things in a package, there's a question of whether you would be able to stop after the first or you just take another bite, and another bite, and not stop until you finish the whole package."

Even the current two-ounce Snickers is not small enough. It will have to downsize from 280 calories, losing at least 10 percent of its current self.

On it's website, Mars talks about  "responsible snacking" and highlights the fact that currently its "king size" candy is made in two pieces, "one for now and one for later."