Professor Uses Racy Photos To Advertise Class


A Danish philosophy professor used the age-old marketing principle that sex sells and posed with scantily clad women in an advertisement for his spring logic course.

Vincent Hendricks, a professor at the University of Copenhagen, has since removed and apologized for posting the provocative photos, which show him surrounded in a classroom setting by women wearing midriff-baring Catholic school girl uniforms.

"The intention was that the pictures, as a cover on a forthcoming magazine, might be used to view logic from a somewhat humorous and untraditional perspective appealing to larger audience which the magazine covers," Hendricks wrote on his website. "However it had the opposite effect offending various parties in the philosophical community. I truly apologize for this and I stand completely corrected."

Online blogs lambasted Hendricks' choice to use the photos and questioned the message he was sending to potential female students.

"Now go put on your schoolgirl outfit and hand your manly logic teacher an apple. You are a sexy accessory to his awesomeness," the Feminist Philosophers blog posted.

"Those photos are transparently unacceptable. No reasonable member of the profession can tolerate this," one commenter wrote.