Strangers Pull Driver From Car Moments Before Fiery Crash

A Delaware woman trying to free her car from railroad tracks as a train approached was pulled to safety by two strangers moments before the train crushed her vehicle.

Police say the woman, Monique Dyton, 24, took a wrong turn while driving early Thursday morning with her sister, Christina Johnson, 22, and ended up stuck on CSX railroad tracks in Newark, Del.

Dyton stayed behind the wheel of the car and tried to accelerate it off the tracks while her sister exited the car to try to push it free.

Meanwhile, two passersby, Sean Brown and Clifford Fose, approached and joined in to help try to dislodge the car, according to police.

Dyton, police say, continued to stay in the car, even as the track's gates activated and the train approached.

"We get out of the truck, we're trying to lift the car, [and] next thing you know, 'ding-ding-ding-ding-ding,'" Fose said, according to local affiliate WPVI.

Moments later, Fose and Brown reached in and pulled Dyton from the driver's seat, just as a westbound CSX train approached.

The train then crashed directly into the car and threw it from the tracks, all captured on a nearby surveillance camera.

WPVI reports the crash brought CSX train traffic in the region to a stop and closed the intersection where the crash occurred for nearly two and a half hours.

There were no injuries.