Texas Woman Saves Baby as Car Crashes Through House

A woman's split-second decision likely saved the life of her 2-month-old godchild after a drunken driver crashed through the living room of a Texas home.

Princess Goodwin was spending the afternoon with friends Sunday at the Desoto, Texas, home of a local pastor, Eric Johnson, when a car came barreling through the home's window and directly into the living room, local affiliate WFAA reported.

The car hit the couch where Goodwin was sitting and holding godchild Kendal.  As the car rushed toward the pair, Goodwin held Kendal high above the car, saving the baby from impact, according to the homeowner, Johnson, who witnessed it all.

"The amazing thing is, Princess had the baby held over like this over the car, so she literally sacrificed herself in order to save the baby," Johnson told WFAA.

Kendal escaped the crash with only a scratch on her eye, Johnson said.

Goodwin, meanwhile, became pinned against the wall and had to be pulled out from under the debris by Johnson and the other survivors.  She suffered injuries to her left leg and had to be hospitalized, WFAA reported.

DeSoto police later arrested Karen Howe, an administrative assistant with the school district.  She was charged with driving while intoxicated.

Also involved with the crash were Johnson's two daughters, who were thrown against the fireplace.  Both walked away with only minor injuries.

Goodwin attributed her actions in saving the life of Kendal to God. "I think the normal instinct would have been to cover, but I raised her," she said. "I think it was nothing but God who lifted her over."

The crash left the Johnson's home unfit for occupancy, forcing the family to temporarily relocate.