William and Kate Go Plastic in Limited Edition Barbie Collection

Just in time for their first anniversary, Prince William and Kate Middleton will get an unlikely reminder of their big day thanks to Mattel's limited edition "William and Catherine Royal Wedding Giftset."

"William and Catherine are like a modern day Barbie and Ken," said a  Mattel spokesperson." The whole world watched as the two were married in what was a real-life fairytale wedding."

The set is  part of the Barbie Collector Editions, which recently featured fellow famed newlyweds Edward and Bella of the "Twilight" series.

Although there is no Buckingham Palace dream house, the set features William in his specially commissioned scarlet Irish Guards colonel's uniform and Kate in her custom made Alexander McQueen dress accessoriezed with a tiara and veil. 

"As a fashion icon, it is only appropriate that Barbie would pay tribute to this unforgettable fashion moment," said a Mattel spokesperson.

Due out in April the set costs $100. It's a price that may be a bit high for dolls, but they also do double duty as the perfect cake toppers for a wedding.