Islamist Egyptian Politician Expelled for Nose Job

Egyptian Islamist Politician Anwar El-Balkimy -- Before Nose Job

JERUSALEM - A newly minted ultra-conservative Islamist member of parliament has been kicked out of his party and has resigned his seat in  parliament  following news about his nose job, which he'd claimed was needed  to repair damage endured in a  violent attack.

A spokesman for the Al-Nour Party said Anwar El-Balkimy was booted after an investigation found that the member of Egypt's lower house of parliament had not been attacked while driving between Alexandria and Cairo but instead had undergone a rhinoplasty  for cosmetic reasons.

Plastic surgery is considered forbidden by the Al-Nour Salafists who follow a strict brand of Islam

 "The party has decided to take more serious action by expelling the MP in question from the party," Nader Bakkar told Al-Hayat news channel. "We will demand his expulsion from the People's Assembly [the lower house of parliament]. We apologize to the Egyptian people for what happened."

Balkimy told state-run media that last Wednesday that he was robbed and beaten by masked gunmen who stole around $16,500 in Egyptian pounds and left him unconcious.

But staffers at the Giza clinic where Balkimy had his  procedure done came forward to say that the MP had not been assaulted but had just gotten a nose job, according to Egyptian media.

The manager of the clinic said Balkimy had the procedure done last Tuesday and had urged the clinic not to tell anyone. He then left the clinic against the advice of the doctors, the newspaper Al Ahram reported.

The party originally stood by Balkimy but then distanced itself when the truth came to light.

Al Ahram reported that Al-Nour announced on Facebook  Monday that Balkimy had resigned from both the party and parliament.