LA Area Little League Rejects Strip Club Donation

Apparently having a patron in "The Best Gentleman's Club near LAX" was a bit too much for a Los Angeles-based Little League, which decided to decline a $1,200 donation from the Jet Strip Club.

Initially Lennox Little League President Roberto Aguirre told ABC News affiliate KABC-TV he expected the league to keep the surprise donation after running into financial problems when the local school district doubled rental fees and forbid selling hot food during games.

"They went out of their way to give $1,200 to kids who really need it," Aguirre said. "I can't get upset about that."

However, it looks like league officials had second thoughts, as Aguirre later told KTLA 5 News that it would be inappropriate to accept the money.

"We do not want the money from the strip club," Aguirre told KTLA. "We do need the money, but we will go some other avenue."

The league is now hoping other, more family-friendly businesses will offer donations. In the long term Aguirre says they hope to raise $65,000 to build a snack shack that would cover most of the league's expenses.

The general manager of the Jet Strip Club, James Wallace, said he had only hoped to make a difference by donating. Wallace said he was inspired to help fund the season after seeing an article about the league's financial problems.

"It just found it sad," Wallace told of his decision. "I had every good intention."

On the Little League's online sponsorship page, there are a few conditions for sponsors though none would seemingly prohibit the little league from accepting a donation from a strip club.

Maybe it was the thought of what could happen should the Jet Strip Club ever decide to advertise their involvement that gave league officials the biggest headache. The  Little League website states states that a sponsor " has the right to use the following term in advertisements, posters, brochures, newsletters, etc.: "Sponsor of a team in the (Local Little League)."