Republican Politicians 'Sarcasm Bombed' With Female Health Details on Facebook Walls

Sen. Ryan McDougle's Facebook page is shown. Facebook users "Sarcasm bombed" the walls of Sam Brownback and Ryan McDougle in protest of anti-abortion legislation. (Image credit:Facebook)

Facebook users took to the walls of Republican governor of Kansas  Sam Brownback and Virginia state senator Ryan McDougle to post intimate details of their reproductive health in protest of anti-abortion legislation.

The Republicans' walls were filled with messages, many from women, detailing their menstrual and reproductive health and asking the politicians for advice on different health problems. One website labelled the messages "Sarcasm Bombing" for the tounge-in-cheek way the users ask the politicians for help.

"Hi Senator McDougle! I just wanted to let you know, since you're so concerned about women's health, that my period started today! Color looks good, flow not too heavy. Cramps are pretty manageable but don't worry- I'll make sure to let you know if that changes! Thanks again for caring so much about women and our bodies!"

Both McDougle and Brownback have supported measures in legislation to restrict a woman's ability to get an abortion.

Brownback has said he would sign an anti-abortion bill introduced into the Kansas legislature, while McDougle  was a supporter for Virginia's mandatory transvaginal ultrasound bill. The bill was later altered before being signed into law, but McDougle advocated for a mandate in which women seeking an abortion would be required to have an invasive ultrasound to determine the fetus's gestational age.  Under the passed law, women must submit to a conventional ultrasound before being granted an abortion.

The Facebook protestors mocked the politicians' involvement in female reproductive rights, asking for advice on an array of health issues.

"Senator McDougle, I am almost 49 and STILL menstruating with no sign of slowing down! Frankly, I've had enough of this inconvenience- the cost of pads and pain reliever and all the mess- well YOU know how it is. You're an expert on this lady stuff. I was going to ask my gynecologist about this issue, but since you know much about women's reproductive health, I figured I'd just stop by your Facebook page and ask you. So, when will I finally go through the change? My mister and I want to donate the money we spend on birth control to the Richmond Reproductive Freedom Project to help women pay for those unfunded government mandated ultrasounds."

While neither Brownback nor McDougle responded for comment, a spokesman for the Virginia Republican caucus- - of which McDougle is chairman - deplored the actions of the Facebook posters.

"It's very sad to see the pro-abortion or pro-choice movement degenerate into these kinds of tactics," Jeff Ryer told ABC News. "As was reported by Slate Magazine in an article from an obstetrician days ago, ultrasounds are the standard prior to any abortion being conducted. To create this level of misinformation shows a recklessness on their part."