Richard Mosse's Beautifully Violent 'Infra'

Richard Mosse's Infra offers a radical rethinking of how to depict a conflict as complex as the ongoing war in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Shot on Aerochrome, a discontinued false-color reversal infrared film originally produced for surveillance purposes for the U.S. military, the film's sensitivity to color sets the landscape against a bed of violently fuchsia-tinged pinks. Infra has been said to have initiated a dialogue with photography that begins as a stimulating manifestation, but ends hauntingly for the beautifully colored land that has been drenched by unspeakable tragedy.

General Février, 2010

Men of Good Fortune, 2011

Colonel Soleil's Boys, 2010

Rebel Rebel, 2011

Triumph of the Will, 2011

Come Out (1966) II, 2011

Nowhere To Run, 2010

Ruby Tuesday, 2011

All images by  Richard Mosse/Institute/Jack Shainman Gallery