Glitch Results in $1 Gas in Texas

The average price of gas in Texas is $3.83 per gallon according to, but some lucky drivers in Pasadena, Texas, only had to pay a dollar.

Monday night a computer problem at the Conoco station resulted in the abnormally low price and word of the cheap gas spread fast on social media.

Benito Cruz told ABC News Houston affiliate KTRK that he was able to fill up his car for a fourth of what he normally pays.

"I pumped my gas. I got it for ten dollars," Cruz said. "Ten dollars to fill up my whole tank."

Two of the stations four pumps were selling gas for a dollar between 11:30 p.m. and about 1 a.m., Moiz Fnu, the manager of the station, told Fuel Fix. Fnu said once the problem was realized the pumps were immediately shut down, but not before a few dozen people were able to fill up their vehicles for a price has not been seen in more than a decade.

Image Credit: KTRK