Runaway Cow Visits McDonald's Drive-Through

ABC News

What's a cow to do once it tires of grazing its farm's grassy fields day after day?

Just like any of us, it heads to a fast-food drive-through window  to escape boredom with a snack.  At least that's what  one cow in Colorado that  headed to the takeout window of  the local McDonald's did.

That great escape by Darcy the cow led to a strange phone call between her owner, Sandy Winn, and police in Brush, Colo., where the family's farm is located.

Winn had no idea Darcy was missing until she received a phone call Friday from police telling her that her dairy cow was "up at McDonald's," she told local television station WFMZ.

Darcy had escaped her pen and hoofed the half-mile from the farm to the fast-food joint on her own.  She then walked through the drive-through lane and butted her head up against the window, all to the shock of the restaurant's employees, who snapped pictures of the rouge cow.

Winn blamed Darcy's great escape on boredom, saying the cow is known to look elsewhere if she doesn't get enough attention while locked in her pen.

"She would probably go there again if she could get out," Winn told WFMZ.

Winn was not ticketed in the incident. The town's police clerk, Vivian Llewellyn, joked Tuesday that Darcy "didn't get her burger," according to the Associated Press.