Brazilian Left Green After 'Hulk' Paint Fails to Wash Off

A Brazilian man who tried to transform himself into the superhero "The Hulk" made a major mistake.

Instead of using easy to remove body paint, the man, Paulo Henrique dos Santos, used a paint reserved for ballistic missiles and nuclear submarines.

The result?  Dozens of baths, a trip to the doctor, fears of lead poisoning and a level of fame in his local Brazilian town, according to the Brazilian news site

The site reports that dos Santos, a 35-year-old pool attendant from Vila Cruzeiro, painted himself green to go in character as Hulk for a local running event.  Long after the run was over, however, the green stain remained.

Dos Santos took more than 20 baths and enlisted the help of family, including his mom, and friends to try to scrub him clean.  In order to sleep he had to rest in bed on plastic-lined sheets to avoid staining anything else in his reach, according to reports.

Dos Santos, the site says, became concerned that he was being poisoned by the paint but, after 24 hours and too much scrubbing to count, the paint finally came off.

The UK's Daily Mail reports that, in addition to his pool duties, dos Santos moonlights as a disc jockey.  The paper also reports that, not surprisingly for someone who would dress up as a green superhero begin with, dos Santos enjoyed the attention, including the mobs of children who followed him in the streets.

"I turned a kind of celebrity," he said.