Colorado Prom Chaperones Sprayed Lysol on Dirty Dancers, Teens Say

Colorado teenagers are alleging that two mothers who chaperoned their high school prom sprayed Lysol disinfectant on teens they thought were dirty dancing, calling them "sluts" and "whores."

The Manitou Springs High School teens filed a police report after they said the two chaperones, Jennifer Farmer and Hannah Rockey, sprayed them while they were dancing, according to ABC News' Denver affiliate KMGH. Manitou Springs is a small town just outside of Colorado Springs.

One mother complained to a security guard that the students were dancing "like they are having sex with their clothes on," according to the police report obtained by KMGH.

One of the students went to police and asked to file a report. Some of the students claimed the spray got in their eyes and mouths and that they had to leave the prom, according to the police report.

Farmer and Rockey were cited for harassment for allegedly "directing obscene language to another in a public place."

The women did not respond to requests for comment from ABC News, but Farmer told KMGH, "At this time I'm under legal counsel and can't say anything about what happened that night."

Jennifer Farmer pictured from KMGH-TV report. (Image credit: ABC NEWS)

Rockey's attorney told KMGH "there was no Lysol" and they are looking into whether the women may have used air freshener to separate the dancing teens.

Manitou Springs Police Lt. Jim Hopkins told KMGH that only one teen decided to press charges, but seven others also said that name-calling and Lysol-spraying took place.

"[It was] kind of disbelief," Hopkins said of his reaction to the incident. "But until you find out what's going on…there are two sides to every story."

"It just got in their throats, they claimed, and stuff like this," he said. "But there is no physical damage done."

The Manitou Springs School district said in a statement issued to KMGH that they were "aware of complaints" from the April 22 prom.

"The alleged actions by parent chaperones during the high school prom are in no way condoned by the school district," Superintendent Edward Longfield wrote in the statement. "School personnel supervising the dance did not observe any of the alleged actions of the parent chaperones. Once notified by students of the alleged actions, the school staff took immediate steps to address student concerns."

The women could face fines of up to $750 and up to six months in jail if charged and convicted.