Dalai Lama Reveals Fears of Assassination Attempt: Report

AP Photo/Ashwini Bhatia

From ABC News' Beijing Bureau:

The Dalai Lama is voicing concerns the Chinese are plotting his assassination.

In an exclusive interview with Britain's Sunday Telegraph, the Dalai Lama shared details he says come directly from sources inside Tibet on how the Chinese would kill him.

Based on this information, he says Chinese agents inside Tibet are training Tibetan women to pose as devotees in an attempt to poison him.

"We received some sort of information from Tibet," he told the Sunday Telegraph, "Some Chinese agents training some Tibetans, especially young women, you see, using poison - the hair poisoned and the scarf poisoned - they were supposed to seek blessings from me, and the hand touch."

His aides were not able to confirm the reports but emphasized the importance of maintaining his safety. The Dalai Lama lives in a secure area in his temple palace grounds in Dharamsala,  in the Himalayan foothills of India where his government-in-exile in located.

Tensions are high between Tibetans advocating for independence and China.

Reports are China is making a bolder attempt to nullify Tibetan language and culture as it seeks to fully occupy the region.

This year alone there have been more than 30 incidents of self-immolation; Tibetans setting themselves on fire in protest of Chinese rule. Nearly all have died.

The Dalai Lama told the Sunday Telegraph that he believes the two sides can reach an agreement within his lifetime, but that Chinese interference in finding his reincarnation following his death could mean he is the last Dalai Lama.

The Chinese rejected the young boy whom the Dalai Lama designated as his successor and has installed Panchen Lama as their approved heir apparent.