Mississippi Couple Rehabs Wrong Foreclosed House

Terry Jordan and her husband, of Senatobia, Miss., thought they had found the  perfect fixer-upper, complete with a dining room and barn. They got to work, investing thousands of dollars in renovations in hopes that they could flip the property for a profit.

But, as they later found out, there was just one catch. The house that they had bought was not the house that was really for sale.

The house had been a foreclosure listed by Bob Leigh Realtors for $11,500. According to CBS affiliate WREG, Jordan had been by the house three times by her realtor before going through with the sale. She bought the house for $10,500 from the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, according to the deed, and set out to work.

"I have had a new roof put on, new electrical in it, I have had plumbing done to it," Jordan told WREG.

When the house was mostly ready, she and her husband, who is currently out of work, decided to have the property surveyed after noting that some records looked a bit off. Her suspicions were confirmed after a hard conversation with her realtor.

"She's like I don't know how to tell you this but we might have sold you the wrong house," said Jordan.

The actual property was directly to the right of the house she bought. If the house she thought she was buying just needed some re-doing, the house that she actually bought appeared to need a wrecking ball. Jordan said the house was overtaken by mold, half the size of the other house and has a considerably smaller plot of land.

The real estate company told WREG that the mortgage company gave them misinformation. Neither company responded to ABC News' calls for comment.

Jordan says all she wants is the money back that she spent on renovations and a lawyer to take up her case.

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