Moses the Cat's Recovery an Internet Sensation

A car crash, a stray kitten and two sets of loving neighbors.

That's how the improbable story of " Moses the Cat" began, a story that has turned Moses, an orphaned and stray kitten, into an Internet sensation.

Bobbi and Mark and Meg and Clay are the two sets of neighbors who, one day in early April, heard squeals from inside the carport of Meg and Clay's Knoxville, Tenn., home.   What the couples discovered was a kitten so small they hardly knew what it was.

"He looked like a little mouse," Mark told  of their 4-in., 4 oz. discovery.  "None of us had ever seen a kitten that small."

The foursome quickly realized that this kitten, whom they named Moses, was the now-orphaned kitten of a stray cat that had recently been hit by a car near their respective homes.

Mark and his fiancé, Bobbi, decided to take the kitten home and nurse him back to health, using syringes and a bottle to try to feed him.  The vet told the couple he was only "cautiously optimistic" that Moses would survive.

Still, Mark and Bobbi committed themselves to Moses's care and they didn't stop there.  They decided that Moses's story was so amazing it should be shared and, with Meg and Clay, created the Moses the Cat blog,, to document his recovery.

"We thought the story of this orphaned kitten being raised without a mother was really cool and figured our friends and family would enjoy keeping up with his progress," Mark explained.

Once the blog was up and running, word of mouth spread and friends and family grew to hundreds of readers, hundreds of views on Moses's YouTube page and even a shout-out from celebrity fans.

"This broke my whole heart in a really nice way/oh Moses," musician Ryan Adams tweeted with a link to the blog.

"Did you see the video of him and his sis lola?  I just can't….it's too cute," Adams' wife, pop star Mandy Moore, tweeted too, referring to the couple's dog who has also welcomed Moses into the family.

The blog has tracked Moses's every miraculous milestone, from opening his eyes and going to the bathroom on his own to taking his first steps , eating on his own and becoming a normal, frisky kitten.

The feedback from the blog has been so overwhelming that the two couples have set a new goal for the cat.

"We're hoping Moses can be the first cat to have his entire life (from four days old) documented online," they wrote on the website.

Mark and Bobbi, who will be wed this weekend, with Moses in tow, are the cat's primary caretakers and foresee a long future with their miracle cat.

"We're looking forward to keeping him for the long haul," Mark said.  "Moses is going through a new phase everyday it seems.  He seems to be catching on to everything pretty fast."