Second Body Part Found as Ottawa Police Investigate Foot Sent to Conservatives

Police in Ottawa have confirmed that a second body part was discovered in the mail after a human foot was mailed to the Conservative Party of Canada.

The severed foot was discovered first when a receptionist at the headquarters of Prime Minister Stephen Harper contacted authorities Tuesday after receiving a blood-soaked package.

"Upon arrival, officers noted the package possibly had blood stains on it," police said in a statement.

The first officer on the scene contacted a hazardous materials unit, and the specialist opened the package to discover the foot, according to the Associated Press.

The package was addressed to no specific person who worked at the building, according to police. Harper's office is not located in the building where the foot was delivered.

The second package was detected later Tuesday by a postal worker who reportedly took note of a parcel's odor.

Investigators  who "won't confirm or deny" the second body part was a human hand, according to the Ottawa Sun, are also not saying whether the second body part came from the same body as the foot sent to the Conservative Party headquarters.

Police investigating the bizarre circumstances in Ottawa were in touch Tuesday with authorities in Montreal, where a human torso was discovered in a suitcase. After the discovery, police sorted through garbage in Montreal's west end looking for other severed limbs, according to the AP.

Authorities in both cities are looking into a link between the cases.