Colorado Driver Slaps Woman for Honking at Him

                                                                                                            (Image Credit: ABC News)

Colorado police ticketed a man for slapping a woman who honked at him, and then ticketed the woman for unlawful use of a horn.

Tim Perry of Littleton, Colo., was driving in a turning lane when he tried to cross all the lanes of the street. He waited for traffic to clear and held up several cars behind him. Mary Beth Bonacci honked at him a couple times, she says.

"I honked at him, and he didn't do anything," said Bonacci, according to ABC News affiliate The Denver Channel. "So, I honked again, and he got out of the car. I'm thinking, 'It's a guy in a Prius. Maybe he wants to talk to me or something. Maybe his car is dead.'"

Bonacci said she then rolled down her window to an angry Perry.

"I just started saying, 'The lane is clear,' and, boom, he hit me," Bonacci said. "And I didn't say anything after that because I was just stunned."

Nestor Chavez, who was in his car behind Bonacci's, saw the whole incident, which happened May 17 about 6 p.m.

"That's when I got out, and I said, 'Hey, what's going on? What's going on, man?'" Chavez said, according to The Denver Channel.

Perry's son, who was sitting in his car, told police Bonacci had honked "what seemed like 15 times." But witness Chavez said Bonacci only honked three times, which he found appropriate. Bonacci told police she had honked her horn twice.

Perry admitted that he was "trying to get over three lanes of South Sante Fe," and that he slapped Bonacci for "[mouthing] off," according to a Littleton police report.

Police ticketed Perry for harassment and ticketed Bonacci for unlawful use of a horn. Police said there are varying accounts of how many times Bonacci honked her horn, but the officer cited her for obsessive use of her horn.

Bonacci hopes the charge against her will be dropped. She says she has had jaw problems in the past, but was doing better until the slap damaged her jaw again, police said.

ABC News affiliate The Denver Channel contributed to this report.